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27 September 2009 @ 09:04 pm
Months have gone by faster than I'd expected. I arrived in my hostfamily almost 3 months ago and I can say, that I found the perfect family, I'm so happy to be here!

The reason for this entry: I'm gonna move the Scrapbook and the picspams and move them over to my graphics journal, the_danilicious!
Also, I'm gonna delete this blog, I don't have the time anymore to hold up 2 LJs, my (german) AuPair Blog and my teamsite (which is not open yet, but under construction). So if you care to see my arts and stuff, then please friend me over at my graphics-journal, thanks!
03 June 2009 @ 10:19 am
I knooow, this blog kinda slept in. I'm really really sorry for that. I had a lot of things to do concerning AuPair (visa etc.), but everything's settled now. I got my flight dates yesterday which made me both, laugh and cry, at the same time. It's official now and that makes me happy and scared. I'm going to leave everything that I love for a year, but I wanted this and I still do.

In other things I just had a great weekend at an AuPair-friend's place. We had a lot of fun, watched Bones and I got them (there was also another AuPair-friend) into Sanctuary *big grin* mission successful :D

Now I'm gonna update my Scrapbook with a lot of stuff, even though I can't remember half of it xD
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26 March 2009 @ 11:19 pm
Been MIA for the last weeks and I'm sorry for that. School has been hell, but I survived the oral exams and passed! The marks weren't THAT good, but I'm pretty satisfied for having survived the whole process *lol* we got our graduation grade papers yesterday and had a little celebration with (too) many speeches. Tomorrow we're gonna have our graduation ball to which I can go with my pretty pretty dress! I love it! Pictures will follow.
Uhm yeah...anything else? Oh yeah, I'm falling in love with my hostfamily more and more (seriously, I think I'm gonna feel more comfortable around them than around my own family) ^^ uhm what else...Fringe has started here in Germany. Uhm...the weather is bad...my mom's godson is here for I dunno how long cus he had to get out of the children's home (he's 19) and didn't know where to go, soooo he came to us. I like him very much, we spent our childhood together, but we're living two completely different lives and in two different worlds (like my whole family ^^) and uhm well...I feel honoured when he wants to impress me, but he doesn't get far with lies (can anybody please tell him that?).

I miss Sanctuary soooo badly. And Fringe. And Stargate Atlantis (damn girl, stop it, there won't be any new eps!)...*sigh*

Well, I gotta head to bed, my mom is gonna throw me out of bed tomorrow morning at 9am cus she doesn't want me to enjoy my freedom -.- nah, kidding, she's throwing me out of bed because I need to call the hair stylist and our phone doesn't work, so I need her mobile phone and she'll be out of the house at 9.30. Too bad...
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09 March 2009 @ 08:06 pm
Since yesterday, March 8th, 1:44pm my time, it is official: I'm gonna be the AuPair of the family from Massachusetts!
After having the second phone call with both, mother and father, they asked me to be their AuPair yesterday . I've been waiting for this e-mail the whole weekend and it almost killed me.
But since I have an agreement with my hostmum (oh dear, that sounds frakking awesome!) not to blog anything about the family in the internet, readable for public, I decided to start some sort of newsletter which I'll send out weekly, including my "diary"-entries from the whole week. The reason: my hostmum is a children's lawyer, which means, she's the lawyer of children who were abused or anything else. Since not everybody is okay with how the trial turned out, they may pose a threat to the family and it's only for the safety of the children. It has never occured before, but I don't wanna provocate anything in the future. And yes, I totally accept it, so no problem there. Anyone, who wants to have that kind of "newsletter", just comment here and I'll add you to the other email-adresses.
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04 March 2009 @ 11:58 am
I'm so disappointed about myself right now. We got our grades for the written exams today and I'm so mad about it. Well, about the grade in German. 5 points, which means a D in US-terms . Got 11 points (a B) in English and 6 points in Biology (a D) . I'm actually totally surprised about the grade in Biology because I messed this one up, I'm sure. So, uhm...it's bugging me that Biology went better than German, that's why I'm gonna do an additional oral exam in German next to the one in History. BUUUUT: I successfully graduated from High-School!!!! Even with those bugging 5 points, I got it This is just awesome!!
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